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Fall Campout

When: Friday 11/4 (5pm) – Sunday 11/6 (10 am)

Where: Camp Tahuaya

Cost: Free. Pack 165 will be covering the camping and activity fees.


Sign Up:

IMPORTANT: Deadline for registration and turning in all forms is October 17th!!

  • Youth Protection Training (YPT). Adults must complete this training. If you have not completed your YPT, complete it here and email your certificate/card to Outdoor Activities Coordinator.
  • Medical Form – If you have not turned in your medical forms, you can find them here. Complete a form for each person (youth and adults) and email these to Outdoor Activities Coordinator.
  • Driver Forms – If you have not yet completed your driver information, please complete it here.


We will need some volunteers to help with the areas listed below. If you can help, please sign up here.

Each den is expected to provide at least 2 adult volunteers!

Your support will greatly help everyone have a fun trip!

Saturday Night Pack Meal:

  • We will need 2-3 people to help cook BBQ or Burgers/Hot Dogs.
  • The cost of the meat will be provided by the pack, but we need someone to coordinate the purchase and transportation.
  • We will need at least 2 people to help coordinate and set-up sides.

Camping area:

Den’s should plan to camp together.


This time of year can be vary unpredictable. Please be prepared for all weather conditions. Plan to bring rain gear as well as sunscreen.


Water is available, but you will need to bring water bottles to fill and bring with you during the activities.


Scouts need to wear uniforms while traveling to camp and at the flag ceremonies. Other times they can wear their pack t-shirts. Please dress for the weather, and be prepared for both cold and warm conditions.

Open-toed shoes/sandals are not allowed at camp. If you are wearing open toed shoes and are injured, the Scout Insurance will not cover your injury and insurance for the entire pack will be voided for the campout!

Camping Gear:

Everyone must bring their own tent and equipment. No tents are provided. If you want to attend, but don’t have camping gear, please ask. There are several people associated with the pack who have gear you can borrow.

Individual Gear Checklist: (note…this is a basic list and does not cover everything you may need)
Closed-toed shoes Cap or hat
Rain gear or poncho Coat or jacket, as weather dictates
Non-aerosol insect repellent Tent
Sunscreen Sleeping bag
Drinking cup or water bottle Pillow
Food Cot or inflatable mattress
Drinks Camera (optional)
Chairs Any necessary over-counter or prescription medications*
*parents are responsible for administering all medications and providing medical attention for their own children.
The following items may NOT be brought on trip:
Weapons of any kind Personal firearms and ammunition
Bows and arrows Illegal drugs
Sheath knives Pornography in any form
Black powder Any alcoholic beverages
Fireworks of any kind Pets
Scouts should not bring or use electronics (iPads, iPods, etc.) Parents may bring cell phones


Please plan to bring a personal first aid kit. There will also be a pack first aid kit available.

Scouts may whittle if they are supervised and have their “whittling chip.”

Buddy System:

Always follow the buddy system while at camp – ensure your scout always has a buddy.

Den’s or families will need to coordinate their own meals with the exception of Saturday night. Bring a stove if you plan to cook. 

Dinner Friday night – you can eat before you get to camp or bring food with you.

Dinner Saturday night – We will have a pack meal. The pack will provide the main dish (either BBQ or Burgers/Hot Dogs). We will send out a sign-up for families and dens to contribute sides and desserts.


All siblings are welcome to join the campout, regardless of age. Children under five will not be able to fully participate in some activities.

Youth Protection:

All adults must have current YPT to camp. this can be done online and takes about 30 min. Click here to complete the training:


We must have a current med-form for all attendees (family members included) If you turned them into previously THIS YEAR you do not need to do this again. Please turn these in by October pack meeting (October 17th).



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