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Week 2 Popcorn Fundraiser Update

Pack popcorn purveyors, Our first popcorn booth weekend is in the books!  We had 5 scouts do 6 booths last weekend, plus a strong showing in online sales pushed our total sales to date to $3,010.58 !  Awesome work everyone, please keep it up!  Be it online or in-person we need all the help we can get!

When we think of the word Champion we often think of sports and an individual (or team) winning a trophy or metal.  However, a champion is also someone who works hard for something that is outside themselves.  The kids (and their parents) that did their part to help out the pack the last few weeks are Champions of the Pack!  So I want to shout out some of their efforts.

Our current top five Pack Popcorn sales Leaders are: Dev R, Max H, Wesley H, John P, and Sai R!  

Top Lion: Max H

Top Tiger: Lillie S

Top Bear: Dev R

Top Webelos: Wesley H

Top AOL: John P

Great job, everyone!  Keep it going, we will see who will be in the lead next week.

Also a special shout out to Lucas Spears, who had probably the toughest/slowest booth of the week, but he stuck to it and finished his booth and contributed to making the pack go! Keep it up Lucas it does get better! 

So far Dev, Max, and Wesley have crossed the $372 threshold and have earned their activity costs for the year!  Everyone can hit this mark with just a little effort.  

With our total so far we have paid for: The Pinewood Derby, reservation costs for our Pack Picnic in the Spring and some of the Campout fees!  Keep going!

We have had 13 of our 28 scouts participate in the fundraiser so far (46%).  We need EVERYONE to chip in, so if you haven’t done so what are you waiting on?!  I have a front room full of popcorn waiting for some scouts to find it a new home!  Booths and wagon sales are two ways to help the pack sell our allotment of popcorn.  You can sign up for a booth this weekend on the Trails End app.  Want to sell to your neighbors?  Well, I’m your Candyman and I will hook you up with some popcorn to do so.  If you have any questions on how to use it or how to get started I am happy to help.  Just ask.  We also have a handful of folks who haven’t registered their Trail’s End accounts yet, please do so soon.  Sitting this one out after 2020 really isn’t a good option.  Once you get going I think you will see that a couple of hours spent with your kid selling popcorn (and testing each others trivial knowledge) isn’t much of a burden, and with luck and some decent salesmanship it can actually be kindof fun. Challenge yourselves!  You might be surprised by what you find.

As always be safe and thanks for all you do for our kids,

Please sign up for this weekend’s booths by TOMORROW night!

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