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Pack 165 Committee Meeting Notes – November 1, 2015

Pack 165 Committee Meeting Notes
November 1, 2015
Pack Committee:

Cubmaster: David Branscum

Asst. Cubmaster: Open

Advancement: Stanley Wood
Camping Activity: Open
Blue & Gold Banquet: Open

Committee Chair: Eric Rabago

Chaplain: Sarah Riedel

Membership: Julie Flanders
Pack Trainer: Open
Cub Cake: Sarah Reidel

Charter Rep: Rick Seifert

Treasurer: Shannon Seib

Fundraising: Open
Webmaster: Chad Main
Pinewood Derby: Open

  1. Any New Business
    1. Spring Campout Move location or date April 15-17
      1. Berry Springs moved Fall Campout Location to Spring Campout
    2. New Leaders and Opening
  2. Fund Rising Update
    1. Waiting on finally amount and then will decide pack funding
  3. Treasury Update
    1. Banking and Scout Shop Updates
      1. Will do deep dive in December Committee with impact of fund raising
  4. Re-Charter
    1. All but a few families have renewed. E-mails send to outstanding
    2. Payment needs to be received by Friday Nov 6th or may have wait until January to re-join.
    3. Anyone unable to financial meet the deadline should reach out Eric Rabago
  5. Pack Meeting 11/9/2015
    1. Flags – Den 1
    2. Activity – Diamondbacks -Skit
    3. Game – Needed Cub Master
    4. Awards – Stanley
    5. Lex Trip
  6. RRPC Fall Festival Nov 8
    1. Support Event Pack Invited and sign up genius to volunteer
  7. Fall Campout Replacement
    1. Pack Campfire activities needed for advancement
    2. November 14th the most logical
    3. Local park first choice
    4. Day rank activities and service project with early evening family style meal then “campfire”
  8. Lex Trip Dec 5-6
    1. Need to discuss some final details at the pack meeting.
  9. Pinewood Derby
    1. Looking for coordinator
    2. Have adults ready to volunteer to help
    3. Dec 7th Car handout and rules
    4. Workshops
  10. Webelos II
    1. Crossover
      1. Larry working to get all parts together.
      2. Larry asks if anyone has couple of life jackets and/or canoe to contact him
  11. Pack Meeting 12/07/2015
    1. Pinewood Derby Kits handed out
  12. Blue and Gold
    1. Need to find coordinator
    2. Need to confirm location.

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